Property Management

The effective management of an asset in today’s increasingly complex environment requires more than fundamental property management skills. In previous years, property management was rather simplistic, requiring the collection of rents, payment of expenses and accounting to the owner. Today that is no longer the case.

We believe that your property management company must have a degree of sophistication and expertise, which now requires unique skills far beyond those that were needed in the past. It is necessary that a complete understanding of the ever changing federal, state and local laws is mandatory. Knowing how to deal with the regulations, controlling security deposits, lead based paint, and mold are just some of the areas critical to managing a property.

Additionally, management take-over involves much more than the acquisition of documents. In fact, it goes beyond an examination and analysis of the records themselves to include an in-depth inspection and evaluation of the site, the improvements, and all of the property’s operating systems, and most importantly an understanding of the individuals and companies that occupy the facilities.

Lastly, and most important, is to create a meeting of the minds between the management company and the property owner. Each owner’s goals and needs for their property differ. To understand these goals and needs and tailor a management philosophy to meet them is paramount to a successful relationship. At Progressive Building Management accomplishing these tasks is our strategy for success.