Corporate Philosophy

Progressive Building and Management Company was founded in 1981 with the sole intent of providing high quality third party management for property owners of mid-sized assets. It was apparent to us that the owners of such properties required and deserved more sophisticated and hands-on attention than was commonly available in the market place.

While we have not abandoned our original concept, we have over the past 40 years grown to encompass those same philosophies that made us successful into a full range of real estate management products.

We feel the most important attributes that differentiate our firm are communication, follow through and tenant relations. While our responsiveness to the needs of the owner are of paramount importance, we cannot forget that the same holds true for the tenants, or individual condo owners, and coop members. Our staff has been trained to insure that requests are promptly and courteously addressed, and that client satisfaction and comfort, which are critical in today’s highly competitive market, are effectively handled.